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About Best-One Kentuckiana

Founded On Excellence

Huber Tire was founded in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1938 by Melvin Huber Sr., who envisioned the company as a natural extension of the already-successful Huber Trucking company.  Embracing a culture of excellence in customer service, Huber Tire quickly expanded to multiple locations in the Kentuckiana area, serving both passenger and commercial tire customers.

In 1979, two local entrepreneurs and tire industry veterans, Tom Sander and Fred Ralston, founded S&R Truck Tire Center, in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Starting with a small team working out of a trailer, Tom and Fred quickly grew their business into a strong competitor of Huber Tire. For years, the two companies competed to deliver the best commercial tire service in the Louisville metropolitan area.

In 1997, Huber Tire was acquired by the founders of S&R, and incorporated under the new ownership. Both companies kept their respective names, as they both had strong reputations and community ties.  By joining forces, S&R and Huber were able to better meet the growing demands of the market, and raise their combine level of customer service.

As years progressed, the combine companies began to branch out into other areas of the commercial transportation market.  Best-One Giant Tire was founded to meet the demands of the Off-the-Road tire market, including construction, quarry, and industrial vehicles.  Best-One Fleet Service Louisville was later created to provide over-the-road customers with a new option for mechanical trailer repair.

In 2020, the owners of S&R Truck Tire, Huber Tire, and Best-One Giant Tire decided to merge the individual corporations, and come together under one unified brand — Best-One Kentuckiana.  Having long been members of the Best-One Tire & Service network, embracing the Best-One name was the next step in the natural progression toward becoming a more cohesive and dynamic force in the commercial tire marketplace.

Continuing the Legacy

Today, Best-One Kentuckiana remains locally owned and operated by Tom and Brent Sander. We are grateful that we continue to serve many of the customers who partnered with us back in 1979. We still believe that trusted relationships are the foundation of good business, and work every day to earn the privilege of serving you.

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