Agricultural Tires

Tough Tires for Demanding Farmers

Today’s farm tractors and agricultural equipment are high-horsepower machines that need tires built for speed, traction, and efficiency.

Huge Selection

We Carry All Major Agricultural Tire Brands

Front and rear tractor tires, implement and flotation tires, bias and radial tires. We have the tires you’re looking for.

Today’s agricultural businesses and farmers make use of a wide variety of vehicles and equipment, many of which require specialty tires. Whether you’re looking for “green” tires that maximize fuel efficiency, tires that minimize soil compaction, or tires with superior traction, Best-One Kentuckiana is proud to serve the farm community with the region’s largest selection of agricultural tires. If we don’t have the tire you’re looking for, we can take advantage of our national Best-One resources to locate and special order practically anything you need.

Onsite Service

Farm Tire Service Wherever You Need It

We know that when you’re planting or harvesting, downtime can be devastating. Our onsite service technicians can bring the tires you need to wherever your equipment is. We have the tools and experience needed to safely repair or replace tires, on location, to quickly get your farm machinery back into production.

Custom Wheels Made to Order


Expert Wheel Analysis

Our pros measure and spec out your specialty wheel.


Engineering & Design

We discuss your specific needs with mechanical engineers.


Custom Manufacturing

Your wheels are made-to-order and delivered to you.

Meeting Your Needs

Our Expert Tire Technicians Can Service Most Agricultural Equipment

  • Tractors

  • Harvesters

  • Combines

  • Sorters

  • Handlers

  • Backhoes

  • Sprayers

  • Cultivators

  • Trailers

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Simply the best

Improve Tire Life with Liquid Ballast

Bouncing and “slip-and-grip” traction reduce the life of your expensive farm tires. Let us install our safe, natural, and non-corrosive liquid ballast to make the most of your tire investment. The added weight inside your tires pushes tread deeper into the earth for a better, smoother grip. Traditional calcium- and methanol-based solutions can corrode your wheels and are deadly to livestock. Our product is safe, soy-based, and biodegradable.


PRO HD 2500™
Commercial Tire Sealant

Since 1981, MULTI SEAL® has manufactured high performance industrial tire sealants, scientifically formulated to virtually eliminate air loss due to punctures and slow leaks. Best-One Kentuckiana can install MULTI SEAL® PRO HD 2500™ in your commercial tires during installation or repair. For fleets, we also offer MULTI SEAL® in bulk containers. Ask your salesperson for details.

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