Fleet Management

Comprehensive Tire Maintenance Programs for Your Fleet

In addition to our huge inventory of new and retread tires, Best-One Kentuckiana offers a full range of fleet management services to help keep your fleet rolling safely and efficiently.

Decades of experience have proven to us that fleets can save money with preventive maintenance programs. When tires fail, the result is costly downtime, and expensive emergency service. Tires worn past service limits can result in costly fines and additional scrutiny during traffic stops. These headaches can be minimized by allowing our experts to manage a tire maintenance program with some or all of the features below.

The Services You Need for Your Fleet


Fleet Inspections

Our tire experts can identify tire and wheel issues while your vehicles are parked in your motor pool. We can log deficiencies and provide reports to your maintenance team, or have our onsite technicians remedy deficiencies as they are found.

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Mounted Wheel Programs

We can help you create a program where we take your repair or retread tires, pre-mount them on your extra wheels, and have them on standby. When a truck has a flat or overworn tire, we can quickly swap one out, and get your vehicle back into service.


Weekend Maintenance

If your vehicles are already parked on the weekends, we can perform inspections and repairs during your scheduled downtime. Best-One Kentuckiana has already made Monday mornings more tolerable for many of our customers.

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To truly maximize the profitability of your fleet, let us create a custom retreading program for you. We will handle the logistics, and your tires will be retreaded at our local facility, Best-One Retreading of Louisville, using the trusted Bridgestone Bandag process.

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Wheel reconditioning

As part of our total Fleet Management solution, we can recondition dirty, greasy, rusty wheels, and improve the overall safety and appearance of your fleet. Our process will identify unsafe wheel damage, and also keep you in the good graces of DOT inspectors.


Trailer Repair

In addition to tire and wheel maintenance, we also offer Trailer Repair services to our Fleet Management customers. Our expert mechanics can repair trailer doors, panels, lights, landing gear, and much more.

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