Truck & Bus Tires

Dependable Tires for Essential Services

Trucks and buses deliver products and people to the places we need them. We’re proud to provide tires and tire services to one of America’s most essential industries.

Fleets of All Sizes

We Proudly Serve Customers of all Sizes

We value customers large and small, from single-unit owner-operators, to national fleet customers.

Our business was built from the ground up servicing other local small businesses. Today, we are lucky to call some of the nation’s largest fleets our customers, but we still value relationships, trust, and personal service. We will always provide the same great service to individuals that we give to our largest fleet customers.

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New Tires & Retreads

Huge Selection of New Tires and Retreads

We know that not every need or budget is created equal. That’s why we offer tires from premium brands like Bridgestone and Michelin, excellent cost-value tires such as Yokohama, and even budget products from SuperCargo and Cavalry Tires. In addition, we offer Bandag retreads that help you maximize your tire investment. See our Retreads page for details.

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Trained Technicians

Best-One Kentuckiana is a member of the Tire Industry Association. We provide extensive training, and require all of our technicians to complete the TIA Commercial Tire Technician certification. More importantly, everyone on our team is dedicated to providing the exceptional customer service that our customers have come to expect.


Tire Repairs

Most flats caused by tire penetrations can be safely repaired. We use a two-step plug-and-patch method that prevents additional damage that can be caused by water damage in the tire belt package. Tires that require a more extensive repair can be sent to our local retread facility for a section repair.



Balancing your tires improves your ride and extends the life of your tires. When installed at our facilities, your tires can be precisely balanced using our state-of-the-art electronic balancing equipment. For emergency roadside installations, we offer Equal and Tech balancing compounds to give you a smooth ride when electronic balance isn’t available.

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Fleet Inspections

Let us help improve your fleet efficiency with regular fleet inspections. Our experts can locate and identify tire and wheel issues while your vehicles are parked. Our trained technicians can then perform the repairs and replacements during your downtime, even on weekends, reducing unexpected lost time, and expensive roadside rescues.

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Mounted Wheel Programs

We can analyze your fleet specifications, including tire sizes, life expectancy, and volume, to develop a mounted wheel program. We will manage a stock of your new tires, repairs, and retread tires, and pre-mount a selection of them on wheels so they are ready for quick replacement when you need them.

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Wheel Reconditioning

Let us take your dirty, grimy, & rusty wheels and make them like new again. Our superior zinc-based powder coating improves resistance to scratches and future rust and corrosion. Visit our Wheel Reconditioning page for a closer look at our processes.


PRO HD 2500™
Commercial Tire Sealant

Since 1981, MULTI SEAL® has manufactured high performance industrial tire sealants, scientifically formulated to virtually eliminate air loss due to punctures and slow leaks. Best-One Kentuckiana can install MULTI SEAL® PRO HD 2500™ in your commercial tires during installation or repair. For fleets, we also offer MULTI SEAL® in bulk containers. Ask your salesperson for details.

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