Premium Retreads for Your Vehicle

Best-One Kentuckiana is proud to offer premium Bridgestone Bandag retreads, manufactured at our partner facility, Best-One Retreading of Louisville.

Utilizing a Bandag Process that has been continuously refined and perfected for over 50 years, Best-One Retreading of Louisville is able to manufacture retread tires that are cost effective, environmentally friendly, and just as reliable as new tires.  Through our partnership, Best-One Kentuckiana is able to offer those first-class retread tires and services to our customers.

Control Your Tire Costs

Regardless of the size or type of fleet you manage – commercial trucking, heavy construction equipment, emergency vehicles, or any other – you can safely lower your tire costs by using retreads.  Using the state-of-the-art Bandag process, we are able to retread a quality tire, multiple times, at a fraction of the cost of new tires.  For maximum efficiency, take advantage of our Fleet Management Services, and let us make sure that your fleet has the tires you need, right when you need them.


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Retreads are Green

Manufacturing one new truck tire requires approximately 26 gallons of petroleum product.  Retreading the same tire requires only about 6 gallons.  In addition, the energy used in the retread process is much lower than that needed to produce a complete tire, and retreading helps reduce waste in landfills.  Best-One Kentuckiana takes great pride in reducing oil and energy consumption, and we recycle the byproducts of our retread process to further reduce our environmental impact.  By purchasing retread tires, your company will be contributing to a cleaner environment, and a greener reputation.

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American Made

Manufactured in Kentuckiana

Best-One Kentuckiana is the only commercial tire company with a local retread tire manufacturing facility.

As a proud supporter of our local economy, we are always excited to tell our customers that their tires will be retreaded right here in Jeffersonville, Indiana, using tread rubber made in the USA by Bridgestone.  Buying retreads from Best-One Kentuckiana creates local jobs, supports local families, and keeps your dollars right here in our community.  In addition, your retread tires will be delivered back to you more quickly, since we're not shipping them out of town, like those other guys.  If you want to see where the best retreads are made, ask your salesperson for a factory tour.

Programs to Keep You Rolling


Best-One Kentuckiana offers EPA SmartWay Verified Low Rolling Resistance Retreads for drive and trailer tire positions.

Buy-Back Program

Even if you decide not to use retread tires, you can still participate in our buy-back programs. In many cases, we can give you credit when you trade in a used tire that can be processed by our retreading facility. Ask your sales associate for details.

Simply the Best

Just Like New

While it is true that not all retreads are equal, Bandag retreads from Best-One Kentuckiana have the same level of reliability and dependability as a brand new tire.

Our retread facility utilizes the latest computerized technology to test, prepare, and retread tires to the highest standards.  All of our retreads are warranted against workmanship and material failures, pro-rated for the useful life of the tire.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration collected tire debris and casings from America's highways and concluded that retreads do not account for a disproportionate number of "road gators" versus original equipment tires.  Road hazards, underinflation, and excessive heat are, by far, the largest contributors to tire failure, and those issues affect all tires equally.

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