“Road to Success” Program Details

Program Participant Requirements for Eligibility

  • Participants must meet all hiring eligibility requirements as defined in the Position Description for Commercial Tire Service Technician.
  • Participants are expected to work an average 27-28 hours per week, year round, not to exceed 128 hours per calendar month, and will be considered part-time employees.
  • Participants are required to work at least 10 weeks during the summer (June-August) prior to each fall semester to be eligible for reimbursement for the upcoming school year.
  • Participants must be accepted and enrolled at Indiana University Southeast, and eligible for In-State Tuition per IUS requirements (Indiana Resident, or Kentucky Resident of Jefferson, Oldham, Bullitt, Trimble, Meade, Shelby, or Spencer County).
  • Participant may enroll in any course of study leading to a Bachelor’s Degree, and in any individual courses that are applicable to their chosen degree program.
  • At the beginning of each semester, participants must submit a copy of their enrollment details, including a weekly schedule, to the program manager.
  • Participants will be responsible for making the necessary payment arrangements directly with IUS.  Personal deferments are available, as well as Employer Deferments.  The IUS Office of the Bursar can provide help with these arrangements.
  • At the end of each semester, participants must provide a copy of their transcript for the completed semester. Participants must achieve a score of “C” or better for each course to be eligible for reimbursement for that course. Payment of tuition for any ineligible courses will be the sole responsibility of the participant.

Company Benefits Provided

  • After each completed semester, the company will send a reimbursement check to IUS to be applied to the participant’s tuition account. The company will reimburse eligible courses up to the prevailing flat-rate limit of 18 credit hours per semester (Tuition and Mandatory Fees – $4176 as of Spring 2024), not including textbooks, parking, class-specific fees, registration fees, special test and certification fees, or other non-tuition fees.
  • The company will accommodate student schedules to a reasonable extent. Day, evening, and Saturday work is available year-round to allow for scheduling flexibility.  In return, the participant should try schedule at least two weekdays without classes, and should be reliable and punctual for scheduled shifts.
  • The company will reimburse up to 8 semesters (fall or spring) of coursework.
  • Company will provide work uniforms and safety gear, along with all training and certification necessary to perform the job.
  • Participants will be paid the prevailing hourly starting wage ($18/hr. as of Spring 2024), and be eligible for performance-based raises at the discretion of supervisors and management.
  • Participants will not be eligible for paid holiday, vacation, jury duty, or bereavement.
  • Participants will not be eligible for health, life, or other insurance benefits.
  • After 18 months of employment, participants may choose to enroll in the company 401k Retirement Savings Plan.
  • Participants who finish their degree under this program will be given priority consideration for any available full-time positions.

Program Limitations

  • Eligibility for this program ends immediately upon termination of employment for any reason, voluntary or involuntary. Payment for any in-progress course work will be the sole responsibility of the terminated participant.
  • No part of this program should be considered an employment contract. Participation in this program is voluntary, and may be terminated by either party at any time.
  • The employer reserves the right to modify or terminate the Road to Success program at any time, for any reason.  If the program is terminated, notice will be given, and any coursework-in-progress will be reimbursed in accordance with the above stipulations.
  • This program is only available to employees of Best-One Kentuckiana in Jeffersonville, Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky.  Other regional Best-One locations may have their own tuition reimbursement programs, but are not part of the Road to Success program.

Notes on Taxability of Tuition Benefits

The IRS allows employers to pay employees an annual maximum of $5250 in untaxed tuition assistance. Any amount over $5250 must be added to an employee’s taxable income, subject to standard payroll taxes and deductions. As part of this program, the company will calculate a pre-tax income amount necessary so that the tuition balance will be paid in full after taxes and deductions, and the employee/student will not incur any tax penalties for receiving this benefit. All tuition payments, including any amounts over the $5250 limit, will be made directly to IUS.

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